| Tuesday, 14 October 2014 |
Global event
English for MBA Preparatory Course to HEG Fribourg, Switzerland
5:00 PM » Sunday, 14 December, 5:00 PM

Pre-MBA Course : English for MBA

SBI Training Solutions has the pleasure to welcome fhe first intake of the English for MBA Management Basics Course starting on October 15, 2014. The course is designed to help candidates get the necessary level of English to enroll to HEG EMBA program, and is a prerequisite for entry to this program.

HEG EMBA curriculum is organised in four (4) modules, totalling 510 contact hours. For Module 1, students are encouraged to sit for English preparatory courses which cover the 5 subjects (Research Methodology and Writing Skills, Global Marketing, Accounting, Organisational Communications and Corporate Finance).

  • Module 1: Management Basics (150 hours)
  • Module 2: Change Manager (90 hours)
  • Module 3: Innovation Manager (150 hours)
  • Module 4: Integrated Management (120 hours)

For the second term, i.e. for Modules 2 - 4, students can follow the courses directly in English in class. However, SBI Training Academic Team welcomes any effort to organise subsequent ENG-4-MBA classes to better prepare students whose English is not sufficient for attending courses taught by HEG Professors from Switzerland.

Whatever their choice may be for the second term, upon successful completion of all modules, students will have 4-6 months to work on their final dissertation which accounts to 30 ECTS, under the supervision of HEG professors to qualify for graduation.

Students who have completed the English for MBA Preparatory Course may apply to HEG Executive MBA (EMBA) program or any other MBA of their choice.

The first of the series of 5 (English for MBA courses) is the course on Research Methodology and Writing Skills (under Course Code # ENG.MGT.001) is OFFERED by SBI Training Solutions to ALL students who registered before October 15, 2014 as announced on our FB Ad.

Subsequent courses will be offered at a reduced price to ALL prospective MBA candidates for self-study at their own pace before Commencement date of the full program. UEL staff and participants who registered before midnight October 21, 2014 benefit the same special conditions.

This first course has a duration of 8 weeks, ending on December 15, 2014. Course participants are expected to upload their final assignments until midnight of December 31, 2014 (this means the access codes will be valid until that date ONLY).

To get the full documentation on HEG EMBA, please fill up this enquiry form http://goo.gl/forms/je1Kfyrkxa